Beston BLJ-10 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Uganda

Last Monday (Mar. 25, 2019), Beston tyre pyrolysis plant BLJ-10 was shipped to Uganda.

Pyrolysis Equipment Shipped to Uganda
Packaging of Reactor
Pyrolysis Plant Uganda
Loading of Reactor

The customer ordered one complete pyrolysis equipment with two reactors and the primary feedstock is scrap tires.

Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Uganda
Checking Before Loading and Delivery
Pyrolysis Plant in Uganda
Making Sure Safety of Loading

After the careful packaging and loading, the whole set of tyre recycling plant was ready for shipping to Uganda.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Uganda
Ready for Delivery
Pyrolysis Machine Uganda
Leaving the Factory for the Port

If you want to learn the details of this shipping or the detailed information about the tyre pyrolysis machine supplied by Beston Machinery, you can leave your message to us below.

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