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Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Producing charcoal with the high-efficiency coconut shell charcoal making machine of Beston will be a good choice if you want to do business in coconut waste recycling. We design this machine with advanced eco-friendly technology and it is a complete green machine that has safe emission and poses no pollution to the environment. The charcoal is a kind of clean fuel as well.

Coconut Charcoal Machine for Sale
Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine with the Drying Host

Charcoal Manufacturing Method – How to Make Coconut Shell Charcoal

Different from the traditional carbonization kiln, Beston coconut shell charcoal machine applies advanced technologies of carbonization and biomass pyrolysis to the coconut shell charcoal making process. It is totally different from burning because the coconut shells don’t contact with the fire. Besides, the carbonization of coconut shell happens under a high-temperature and micro-aerobic condition. There’s no smoke or gas generated from the outside, so it is very clean and safe compared with the burning and traditional processing method.

Coconut Charcoal Machine
Waste Coconut Shell
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine for Sale
Coconut Shell Charcoal

Basic Specification and Parameters of Beston Coconut Charcoal Making Machine

Item Details
Model BST-05 BST-10 BST-20 BST-30
Hourly Feeding  Capacity 500kg 0.8-1 Tons 1.5-2Tons 2.5-3Tons
Working Method Continuous
Raw Materials 1.All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo, etc.
2.Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge, etc.
3.Municipal solid waste.
Reactor Size Φ800 Φ1000 Φ1300 Φ1700
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, Diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, Biomass, etc.
Total Power 40 kw/h 55kw/h 60kw/h 72kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 30m*15m*7m 35*15*7m 45*15*10m 50*15*10m
Operating Pressure Constant Pressure
Cooling Method Recycling Water Cooling
 Life span 5-8 Years

Coconut Shell Charcoal Manufacturing Process

Things You May Concern When Making Charcoal from Coconut Shell

Off-gas Emission

1. The off-gas will be dedusted and de-sulfurized in the water spray tower and go through the water cleansing and spraying. The customer can also choose ceramic ring absorption and activated carbon absorption to improve the quality of filtering. At last, the off-gas will be discharged safely after the series of processing.

2.Distinct from many other coconut shell charcoal making machine manufacturers, the emission and discharging of Beston’s charcoal production machine is certified by SGS and meets the EU environmental protection and emission standard.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
Strict Dedusting and Filtering System

Feeding Condition

1. Coconut shell has large density and high solidity, so you shall shred it using a professional shredding machine or crusher to shred it into small pieces (≤50 mm).

2. The water content of it shall not exceed 15%. If it exceeds the maximum acceptable water content of 25%, you will need a drying host to dry them at first to make sure a high-quality carbonization process.

Fuel Usage

1. The coconut shell charcoal machines need a preheating for 30 min before formal working. During the preheating, customers can choose PLG, natural gas, fuel oil and other clean fuel to heat the carbonization host.

2. After the carbonization and pyrolysis of coconut shell are on, the combustible gas will be generated. It will be first separated into tar and wood vinegar in the condenser. And then the rest of it can be used as the heat source to supply constant heat for the host during the whole process of carbonization.

3. Before using as the fuel, the gas needs to be de-dusted and de-sulfurized to make sure there are no harmful matters generated.

Spanish Customers Visited Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Equipment

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
Customers Visited the Workshop
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine
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Highlights of Beston Coconut Charcoal Machine

Production Techniques

1.Adopt CNC flame and plasma cutting machine for steel plate, steel plate shearer, automatic welding machine to the production line and guarantee the quality of production.

2.Use the technique of carbon dioxide gas shielded to guarantee the safety of emission.

Multiple Uses

Beston China coconut shell charcoal making machine cannot only produce coconut shell charcoal, but it can also produce charcoal from all other green waste (wood chips, sawdust), garden waste (bamboo), agricultural waste (rice husk) and organic waste, etc. We are able to change the specific configuration of the machine according to the features of your feedstocks.


1.This machine is fully automatic and continuous. The feeding and charcoal discharging happen at the same time.

2.It takes 15-20 min to get the charcoal after formal heating of the host.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Uses and Benefits

Using Beston coconut shell charcoal production machine, you can get high-quality coconut shell charcoal. So, what exactly is coconut shell charcoal and how to use it?

Coconut shell charcoal is the carbonized coconut shell, it is the final product of the process of coconut shell carbonization, sulfur-removing and carbon enrichment. Usually, the carbon content of coconut shell charcoal can reach 90%, fairly high compared with wood or rice husk charcoal. Due to the high carbon content and high heat value, it has wide uses in many aspects:

Coconut Shell Charcoal Uses
Coconut Shell Charcoal Uses
  • Can be produced into charcoal briquette by a coconut shell charcoal briquette machine and used as fuel directly in the catering industry and household using according to the different specifications.
  • Produce activate carbon from the coconut shell charcoal. Owing to the large specific surface area and strong ability of absorption, it is usually used in the purification of drinking water, pure water, and drinks; purification, decoloring, dechlorinating and deodorization of industrial wastewater; and the sweetening in oil refining industry.
  • The coconut shell charcoal powder can also be used as carbon-based organic fertilizer with organic fertilizer and to produce water permeable bricks with construction materials.

Because of the wide uses, the coconut shell charcoal price on the market increases in recent years, thus the profits you get from coconut shell recycling can be enhanced.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Application

In Asia, the Middle East and South Africa, there is a huge amount of waste coconut shell. For example, according to the statistics of 2016, the total planting area of a coconut tree in Malaysia is 110,000 hectares. At the same time, as the resource shortage gets more serious in the whole world, some governments pay much attention to biomass energy, including coconut shell charcoal. In recent years, Beston has cooperated with many local customers in Asia and other countries with their biomass recycling. Therefore, investing in this kind of equpment in this country will be a promising business opportunity.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine
Beston Charcoal Making Machine in Malaysia

The coconut shell charcoal making machine for sale in Beston is fast, powerful and green. Depending on the high-efficiency working style, high-quality charcoal it produces and high-leveled eco-friendly design, it realizes a win-win situation of waste recycling and profit-making and has great significance in waste to energy industry. If you need to get finished charcoal from coconut shells, we can also supply coconut shell charcoal briquette machine and it will make the whole production process more integrated and efficient.

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