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Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine

Beston rice husk charcoal making machine has large potential market in Asia. Because rice is the main food crops of Asia and finding a suitable way to dispose of them is an important issue in this country.

Rice Husk Charcoal Briquettes Making Machine
Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Some investors choose to make rice husk briquettes as a way to dispose of them. The briquettes can be used as fuel directly. However, the real value of rice husk doesn’t only lie on this, but on the carbonized rice husk. After being carbonized, the rice husk will have more uses in a much wider range, and then higher market value is accompanied by.

Carbonized Rice Hull Uses

1. Daily life: be used as a kind of clean energy to provide heat;

2. Industry: thermal insulating materials in iron and steel making industry;

3. Agriculture: improve the quality of the soil in the planting of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, etc; be used as nursery substrate, improve the temperature of the soil, reduce the loss of the nutrient and protect the plants from the harms of pests;

4. Water pollution control: because of the high specific surface area, carbonized rice hull can be used to eliminate the ammonia nitrogen in the water and lower the degree of eutrophication of the water, so as to protect water resource.

Carbonized Rice Husk Uses
Iron & Steel Making
Carbonized Rice Hull Uses
Improving Soil Quality
Rice Husk Charcoal Uses
Water Resource Protection

How to Make Carbonized Rice Husk by a Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine

1. Choose suitable biochar equipment to produce rice husk charcoal. Beston rice husk charcoal machine is the right choice for you because it can produce high-quality rice husk charcoal.

2. Production process of the machine

Feeding: Feed the rice husk into the carbonizing host/drying host.

Drying: the carbonization host is designed as double layers. The interior layer is to dry the rice husks if the water content is over 20%-25%. And the exterior layer is to carbonize the dried rice husks.

Carbonizing: the process of carbonization happens in a micro-oxygen environment. After high-temperature pyrolysis and carbon enrichment, the carbonizing of rice husk will complete and then they will be discharged.

Briquettes making: if the customer wants charcoal briquettes, we suggest the using of rice husk charcoal briquettes machine. It can produce all kinds of briquettes according to the requirement of the customers.

Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine
Carbonized Rice Husk
Rice Husk Charcoal Making Process
Rice Husk Charcoal Briquettes
Rice Husk Charcoal Briquettes Machine for Sale
Clubbed Charcoal Briquettes

Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Making Equipment for Sale

Item Details
Model BST-05 BST-10 BST-20 BST-30
Hourly Feeding  Capacity 500kg 0.8-1 Tons 1.5-2Tons 2.5-3Tons
Working Method Continuous
Raw Materials 1. All kinds of biomass waste, such as rice husk, sawdust, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo, etc.
2. Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge, etc
3. MSW
Reactor Size Φ800 Φ1000 Φ1300 Φ1700
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, Diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, Biomass, etc.
Total Power 40 kw/h 55kw/h 60kw/h 72kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 30m*15m*7m 35*15*7m 45*15*10m 50*15*10m
Operating Pressure Constant Pressure
Cooling Method Recycling Water Cooling
 Life span 5-8 Years
Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Rice Carbonizer in Turkey
Rice Husk Charcoal Making Equipment
Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Machine in Ukraine

Why Customers Choose Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Machine

High-efficiency and Strong Durability

The largest feeding capacity of our sawdust charcoal making machine is 3 tons per hour;

The output is decided by the feedstock but we can guarantee a high quality of the final carbonized rice hull;

Long service life: 5-8 years, longer than most of the other similar machines on the market.

High Safety Insurance with a Perfect Leakproofness

The most obvious quality of our safety insurance is the high leakproofness, which is also the most important index to define good charcoal equipment;

Besides, our machine is safe and easy to operate and that will help reduce the labor cost for the customers.

Rice Husk Carbonizer
Beston Charcoal Plant-From Drying to Briquettes Making

Considerate and Reasonable Design

No matter what feedstock you choose, we can provide a complete charcoal production ring from drying to briquettes making. For example, if your feedstock is coconut shells, we have the coconut shell charcoal briquettes making machine as well.

Innovative Eco-Friendly Techniques

We use the combustible gas generated during the process of carbonizing as the fuel to provide heat for the carbonizing host.

About 10 minutes after the feeding, the combustible gas is generated. And then about 15 minutes later, discharging begins. It is also the time for lighting the combustible gas and use it as the fuel to continue to heat the host.

Usually, the initial fuel we can choose is LPG, natural gas, wood, diesel, etc, therefore, using combustible gas as fuel can reduce a large cost of the above fuels.

Rice Husk Charcoal Manufacturing Machine Price
Charcoal Machine Customers from Malaysia
Rice Husk Charcoal Briquettes Making Machine
Malaysian Customers With Beston Consultants

Tips for You While Using Beston Rice Husk Carbonizer

1. If your rice husk has a water content between 20% and 45%, you need to add an independent drying host; If it is over 45%, another drying host is needed.

2. Before briquettes making, you need to stir the carbonized rice husk with water or other adhesives (i.e. we suggest starch if you want to make BBQ charcoal briquettes.)

3. The standard configuration of the dedusting system only includes a spraying tower, the other devices, such as activated carbon absorption and ceramic ring absorption ring, are all optional for customers.

4. The discharging temperature is around 30 ℃. Considering the different climates of different places, you need to prepare for cooling them down in case there’s spontaneous combustion.

5. The drying process of the independent dryer is scattering and rotary, therefore, it is not suitable for drying the filiform feedstocks such as palm fiber, etc. But rice husk, sawdust, and coconut shells are suitable for using this drying method.

Rice Husk Charcoal Briquettes Machine
Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machines Production Line

Rice husks are everywhere in Asia because rice is their primary food corp. Comparing with discarding them carelessly, turning them into clean energy by Beston rice husk charcoal making machine is the best way to maximize their value and get a fast and high return. At the same time, making them into rice husk charcoal also complies the trend of sustainable development of nature and society and the local government shall think a minute of the great value of this solution as well. Need more information about rice husk carbonizing and the machine? leave your message to us right now.

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