BST-10 Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine to Indonesia

Deliver news is coming! Beston Group exported BST-10 coconut shell charcoal making machine to Indonesia in March 2022. This machine can recycle 10 tons of waste coconut shells and produce biochar per day. Coconut shell charcoal is smokeless and odorless when burned, and is often used as industrial fuel or barbecue charcoal. The activated coconut shell charcoal has a good purification effect. Coconut shell carbonization is a profitable business.

Shipping Details of BST-10 Charcoal Making Machine to Indonedia

Before shipment, Beston workers carefully pack each part of this coconut shell charcoal making machine and load it onto a truck. It is expected to arrive in Indonesia by the end of March. The customer and Beston engineer made an appointment for online installation guidance service.

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