Beston BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant Installed Completely in South Korea

The installation of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plant in South Korea was completed recently. It will be used to process rubber cable skin for the customers. The preparation work and installation was done mutually by the workers of the customer and the engineers of Beston. Followings are some of the photos from the scene,

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in South Korea
Casing Installation
Pyrolysis Plant in South Korea
Fireproof Plate Installation
Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in South Korea
Thermal Insulating Installation
Pyrolysis Plant in South Korea
Pin Bush
Pyrolysis Machine in South Korea
Burning Room
Pyrolysis Equipment in South Korea
Reactor Installation Completed

If you want to learn more information about our rubber pyrolysis plant in South Korea, or in other places and countries, you can leave your message to us at any time.

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