Beston Team Will Visit Indonesia

Good news for Southeastern Asian friends!

Beston Group will send a specialized delegation to Indonesia during Mar. 3 and Mar.11, 2019. They will visit Surabaya and Jakarta of Indonesia this time. Except for Malaysia, Indonesia is an important market of Beston Group as same as Thailand and the Philippines in Southeastern Asia.

The delegation will bring the latest information and technology of Beston waste paper pulping machine, charcoal making machine, pyrolysis plant and waste sorting plant to the local customers.

Since we have Indonesian customer of the tyre pyrolysis plant there, this visit will be also a return visit for the current customer.

This visit will help us to better understand the customer need in Indonesia as well as the whole area of Southeastern Asia. If you are in Indonesia, or the neighbor countries of it like Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, etc, you are welcomed to meet Beston Group in Indonesia.

Beston Visit
Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Beston Visit
Bio Charcoal Production Machine
MSW Sorting Equipment
MSW Sorting Plant

Members of the Delegation:

Mr. Xu (Engineer)

Mr. Zoe Zhang (Director)

Miss Sophie Liu (Sales Consultant)

Miss Cindy Chu (Sales Consultant)

Miss Shirley Dong (Sales Consultant)

Please inform us in advance as soon as possible if you have interests.

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