Thailand Customers Visited Beston Charcoal Making Machine

Recently, Thailand customers visited Beston charcoal making machine factory and showed great interest in this machine.

Charcoal Making Machine Thailand
Thailand Customers Visited Beston Carbonization Factory

They have been engaged in palm kernel oil industry in more than 10 years and they want to maximize the market value of the palm kernel. Knowing that using palm kernel shells to produce charcoal is a great function of a biochar production machine, they started to investigate this project.

Charcoal Machine Thailand
Customers Listened to the Detailed Explanation

This time, they came all the way from Thailand to Beston Group to visit our continuous charcoal making machine out of great interests in our latest technology and advanced production techniques.

Charcoal Making Machine Thailand
Further Explanation and In-Depth Talk in Meeting Room

Beston sales consultants and the engineers accompanied them to visit the machine and explained the working principles of it. They were content with the machine and had great interests in cooperating with us.

Charcoal Plant in Thailand
Customers and Beston Sales Team

If you are also holding a certain amount of biomass or the organic waste in hand, you can consider the charcoal machine to turn waste to useful energy. Leave your message to us if you’re interested.

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