Beston Charcoal Machine Installed in Ukraine Successfully

Recently, Beston charcoal making machine has been shipped to Ukraine. The local workers have completed the whole process of assembling, installation and test-run under the help of Beston after-sale service team. Now the Machine is ready for running.

Charcoal Machine Ukraine
Installation Site in Ukraine
Charcoal Making Machine Ukraine
The Conveying Belt

This kind of charcoal machine accepts all organic wastes as the feedstock, including waste wood, wood chips, sawdust, palm kernel shells, bamboo, rice husk, coconut shells and sewage sludge, etc.

Charcoal Making Machine Price Ukraine
Drying Host Installation Completed
Charcoal Making Plant Ukraine
Carbonization Host

If you are interested in producing biochar from biomass as well as the charcoal making machine price, you can leave your message to us below and follow Beston on FaceBook.

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