Malaysian Customers Visited Beston Charcoal Making Machine Factory

On Feb. 25, a group of Malaysian customers visited Beston charcoal making machine factory.

Charcoal Machine in Malaysia
Malaysian Customers Visited Beston Charcoal Machine Factory

The customers have a charcoal making plant on their own but they have been using the traditional carbonization kiln for a long time, which had quite a low efficiency. Therefore, when they visited the workshop and the production line of the machine they were impressed by the high-efficiency and zero emission of our biochar production machine.

Charcoal Making Machine in Malaysia
Customers Visited the Production Line of the Machine

The engineer and sales consultant also explained the working principle of Beston latest charcoal making machine to the customer and they are content with the technologies and techniques we applied to the machine. Besides, they also checked the final quality of the charcoal we produced and they were satisfied with the charcoal as well.

Biochar Making Machine
Customers Impressed by the Production Techniques

The customers have plenty of palm kernel shell and palm fiber and they believe our machine is very suitable for their needs and look forward to co-operating with Beston in the near future.

Charcoal Machine Malaysia
Malaysian Customers with Beston Sales Consultants

As the professional supplier of charcoal making machine, we also believe that our high-quality waste to energy plants will never let the customers down.

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