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Automatic Waste Segregation Machine

Automatic waste segregation machine, also known as waste separation machine, is a kind of waste separator that can separate different urban garbage for recycling. Using advanced separation methods, this kind of machine can clearly separate different kinds of waste, improve the usage of the waste an reduce the total volume of municipal solid waste for urban areas. Meanwhile, it can be also applied to the mining waste sorting and processing. Because of the importance of waste segregation, this machine plays a critical role in waste separation and recycling industry.

Waste Segregation Machine For Sale
Beston Automatic Waste Segregation Machine

Waste Separation Techniques

Beston automatic waste segregation machine has a scientific design and reasonable configuration. We adopt various technologies such as shredding, specific gravity, volumetric method, cyclone separating, bouncing separating and magnetic selection. Series of separation units and devices form a whole MSW sorting line, which is as follow:

Automatic Waste Segregation Machine
Rotatory Screening Machine

* Inner diameter:Φ1800mm;

* Effective screening length:6000mm;

* Bore diameter:Φ50mm; material:16MN; thickness:10mm;

* Driving form:single reduction gears drive double supporting wheels

* Driving power:15Kw; vibrator (0.3Kw) ×3

* Supporting wheel structure: steel wheel with polyurethane

* The rack is welded by the international H structure steel and box iron

Waste Segregation Equipment
Comprehensive Winnowing Machine

* Consisting of: air blow, belt conveyor, draught fan, kick-out device, air hose, steel structure racking;

* Boundary dimension of sir blow: 12M*3.6M material: carbon structural steel

* Draught fan power: 30kw, blast capacity: Q=20000m3/h, total pressure: 2500Pa, using motor variable frequency speed regulating

* Air hose: galvanized steel sheet thickness: 1.5mm;

* Steel structure racking: adopts international box iron welding.

Waste Separation and Recycling Unit
Magnetic Separation Machine

* Consisting of: suspension type magnetic separator, suspension bracket and hopper

* Type of the magnetic separator: RCYD-10

* Driving power: 3Kw;

* Suspension bracket adopts international H structure steel and box iron welding.

* Hopper: Stainless steel 304 thickness: 1mm

Specifications of Beston Automatic Waste Segregation Machine

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

How to Segregate Waste by a Solid Waste Segregation Machine

1. Loading: trucks unload the solid waste onto the feeding platform (large pieces wastes like furniture, bulky construction waste or tree stumps will be first picked out by workers), and then the rest waste will be sent to the plate feeder by the hopper. At the rear end of the feeder, there is a spreader which can make sure an even thickness of the feeder layer.

2. After the spreader, the waste will go the manual sorting platform through the belt conveyor. On the manual sorting platform, the workers (usually 2-3 people) pick the branches, quilt, wine bottles and hazardous waste out.

3. And then the rest waste will go to the rotating screening machine. The screening machine can separate the waste into two types based on the diameters. Wastes smaller than 50 mm is undersized material, mostly are the organism. The organism will go through the suspension type magnetic separator and wastes like coins, bottle caps and batteries will be sorted out. The rest organism will be sent out to the composting plant or MWS carbonization machine.

4. The wastes larger than 50 mm is oversized materials, and they will go to the magnetic separation machine and get the metal materials (irony tins, cans and packages)out as well.

5. The rest waste will be sent to the bag breaker to break the plastic bags. And then they will go to the comprehensive winnowing machine. This machine can separate the waste into light waste (plastic) and heavy waste (brickbats, stones, rubber overshoes, glasses and so on). The rest waste is usually hard plastic, fabrics, rubber products and wet paper products.

What You Can Get from Waste Separation Plant-The Final Products

1. Plastic waste

2. Metal

3. Organic matters

4. Brickbats and stones

Organic Matters
Organic Matters

The above four types of solid waste can all be recycled properly and have high reusing values in many aspects of human life. Therefore, the automatic waste separation system is a profitable investment project for you.

Besides, the ingredients of the municipal solid waste will be different in different cities because of differences in living habit, industrial types, climates, geographic locations, etc. Therefore, the final products may have, more or less, differences in different cities or countries. The customers shall do a specific investigation of their urban wastes so that we can provide suitable plans for them specially.

Followup Waste Processing Equipment

You need to think of how to separate the waste for recycling because separation is only the first step in recycling. According to the final products you can get from our waste separator machine, Beston can supply the following reprocessing equipment: hydraulic pressure packaging machine, pyrolysis plant and biochar making machine.

The hydraulic pressure packaging machine can help you to pack plastic waste and waste metal. The pyrolysis plant can be used to get fuel from plastic waste and rubber products. The biochar making machine can turn organic waste into biochar. You can choose any of them if necessary.

Automatic Waste Separation Machine
Hydraulic Pressing Machine
Plastic Pyrolysis Plant
Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant
Biochar Production Machine
Biochar Making Machine

Flexible Configuration

If you choose our machine, you will have multiple choices for your own configuration. For example,

1. Loading Approaches: pit feeding and second-floor feeding

The pit feeding uses a pit to feed the waste to the segregation machine. It has low cost and short construction cycle. But you will have problems to clean and maintain it and it might affect the environment of your workshop.

Second-floor feeding covers a larger area and costs higher than pit feeding, but it is much more sanitary and healthy.

The customer can select a specific approach according to their budget and demand.

2. Optional bag breaker

The customer can choose to add blades to the screening machine. The blades will help to break the plastic bags in the roller.

High Working Efficiency with Automated Waste Segregation Methods

The maximum capacity of Beston automatic waste separation & recycling unit can reach 400 tons per day. The whole working process is automatic except for the manual sorting platform. It can largely improve the efficiency of segregation of waste materials and reduce the labor cost for the customers, especially for those who come from a place where the labor costs are high.

Automatic operation of waste separation and segregation can also guarantee a safe working environment for the operators. The only thing you can do is turn the solid waste treatment machine on and then watch every step of it through the PLC. The PLC can display every detail of the working process and monitor the whole process of segregation.

Waste Separator Machine
Deodorization System
Separator Machines
Fully Sealed Conveyor

Sanitary and Healthy Operation Line

  1. Spraying deodorization system: can effectively reduce the odor of the waste while the machine is running.
  2. Sealed conveyor: all the conveyor of the machine is fully sealed to make sure there’s no ode, ashes or dust during the working process.

Durable and Strong Corrosion Resistance

  1. All the materials for our automatic waste segregation machine fit for the corrosion environment of waste recycling factory.
  2. The derusting grades of all the carbon steel items conform to Sa 2.5 specified in GB8923-88.
  3. The zinc-rich primer and alcohol acid topcoat are applied with the total thickness no thinner than 160 μm.
  4. If there is any coating damage during the delivery and installation, we promise to repair it strictly according to the coating process and the quality of the repairing will be as same as the original coating.
Waste Segregation Plant
Beston Separator Machine Shipping to Hungary

Waste Separation Situation

In Southeastern Asia, there are several countries are fast-developing,  for example, Malaysia. The economy, especially the tourism industry of this country is growing constantly in recent decades. At the same time, there are various issues brought by the fast-growing economy including solid waste pollution. The solid waste problem has become very urgent. The government pays much attention to find the perfect solutions of how to separate rubbish and waste as well. As a result, if you choose to separate waste, it will be a promising investment in the waste to energy project.

Waste Segregation Plant
Beston Automatic Rubbish Segregation Plant Workshop

Scientific segregation of solid waste is the fundamental condition for a high-quality waste segregation in any countries. With the help of Beston automatic waste segregation machine, the waste recycling is not that difficult anymore. Besides, we can make sure the quality of our machine, that’s why more and more countries are now using our plants. If you are also interested in this machine, feel free to contact us now or find Beston on Linkedin.

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