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MSW Sorting Plant

If you have a lot of waste in your city to dispose of, you will need an MSW sorting plant manufactured by Beston Group. This kind of waste sorting facility can help you a lot in your solid waste recycling process. And the need for this kind of plant will, of course, increase as the waste sorting turns to be a trend in the waste recycling industry and strongly supported by the local government.

MSW Sorting System
Beston MSW Sorting Plant for Sale

Flexible Configuration According to Components of Waste

In general, the municipal solid waste, feedstock of a waste sorting system, refers to the urban garbage consisting of everyday items. The main composition usually contains biodegradable waste, recyclable materials, inert waste, electrical and electronic waste, composite waste, biomedical waste, hazardous and toxic waste. However, within different cities and different times, the composition of municipal solid waste may be different. Use a garbage recycling plant to handle them.

For example, the following is the composition of MSW in Asia according to the recent statistics for your reference.

Composition Percentage (%)
Organics 46.97
Plastic 20.28
Paper 17.80
Metal 4.31
Glass 2.60
Inorganics 0.17
Others 7.81

There are actually a large number of recyclables in the MSW, thus using an MSW sorting plant is very necessary for the places where the preliminary rubbish classification in the city is not so effective.

MSW Sorting Plant
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MSW Sorting System
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Beston Waste Sorting Equipment for Sale

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

How to Use Sorted Waste after Sorting

Waste sorting technology: Beston employs the leading sorting techniques in the world to the municipal solid waste sorting machine. We combine the methods of shredding, cyclone separating, bouncing separating, gravity separating and magnetic separating together to form a comprehensive waste sorting line. At last, the municipal solid waste can be divided into inorganics, organics, sand, stones and brickbats, rubber, glass, combustible waste, metal, and plastic. Thereinto, the following of them can be effectively recycled through proper methods,

1. Organics: send them to the composting factory and then use as fertilizers; produce biogas through a fermentation system; produce biochar in a charcoal machine.

2. Brickbats and stones: use them to produce new bricks.

3. Combustible waste: for electricity generation industry or produce into RDF (Rubbish Derivative Fuel).

4. Metal: produce steel products in the iron and steel factory.

5. Plastic: packaged an then sell out on the market directly; take advantage of an MSW pyrolysis plant to get diesel fuel from plastic waste.

Waste Sorting Equipment for Sale
Waste Sorting Plant
Waste Sorter
Bricks Production
Waste Sorting Equipment
Waste Sorting Facility
Steel Making
Waste Sorting Plant for Sale
Diesel Fuel

How to Sort Waste

  1. The garbage truck unloads the municipal solid waste on the loading platform.
  2. Pick the large and bulky waste out manually, e.g. toilet, furniture, wood branches, and construction waste.
  3. The hopper sends the rest waste to the plate feeder. There’s a spreader at the end of the feeder to make sure the waste is even and uniform.
  4. The conveyor conveys the waste to the manual sorting platform, where the wastes like quilt, branches, large stones, and hazardous waste are picked out.
  5. The rest waste goes to the rotatory screening machine. There are bores with a diameter of 50 mm inside of the machine, so it can separate the waste into oversize waste (≥50 mm)and undersized waste (≤50 mm).
  6. The undersized waste is usually organism and they will go to the suspended magnetic separator to separate the irony matters out and then go to the composting workshop for reprocessing.
  7. The oversize waste will then go to the magnetic separator which can sort irony tins and cans out. And then they go to the bag breaker and the comprehensive winnowing machine. This machine is able to separate the light plastic, heavy materials out from the waste. The rest is usually mixed waste of hard plastic, fabrics, rubber, and wet paper products, etc.
  8. The light plastic will go to the hydraulic pressure packaging machine after the impurities are sorted out. The recyclable matters in the heavy materials will be sorted out and wait for reprocessing.

Superiority of Beston MSW Sorting Plant

Why Beston can stand out from all other waste sorting machine manufacturers in the world? Here are the reasons for you.

Advanced production workmanship: we employ automatic mash welder, CNC cutting machine and ultrasonic flaw detector to the production line of the solid waste segregation machine. All the technicians and workers have rich experience and are responsible for every part of the equipment.

Strong security insurance: there are scramming devices or buttons equipped at many critical places to ensure a safe operation. All the buttons of such devices are in easy to operate position to avoid the electricity shock accident or the workers pressing the buttons by mistake.

Energy-saving design: The whole plant has a variable-frequency design. You can adjust the speed of running to save electricity. A compact design of the recycling plant also make sure there’s no waste of space and area.

Solid Waste Sorting Machine
Beston Latest Sorting Plant Design 3D Layout

Noiseless: our wast sorting system is noiseless with a maximum sound of 80 dB.

Odorless: it has a special odor-control system that can make sure a healthy and sanitary working environment for the workers.

Efficient: it is a fully automatic solid waste management plant. The entire working process is smooth and fast because of a good connection and cooperation between devices.

Multiple uses: except for municipal solid waste, this sorting equipment can also process mining waste.

Reasonable price: we have made efforts to improve the machine’s quality constantly and also to control the waste sorting machine price within a reasonable range. Moreover, most of the resources including labor cost in China is respectively lower than other Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand. That is also why more waste recycling factories choose Beston. If you are very interested in the automatic sorting machine price, you can contact us right now and our professional sales specialist will respond as soon as possible.

Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine
Beston Modernized MSW Sorting Plant Factory

Beston Remarkable Strength and Service

As a main supplier of the automatic waste sorter, Beston is capable of providing all-around service to the customers. We have many insurances for our customers: 1. one-year quality warranty 2. on-site assembling and test-running guidance 3. local workers training 4. professional subsequent maintenance and repairing 5. 24 hours and 7 days online customer service. In addition, our professional sales team is able to provide a specific business plan for the customers if necessary. For more information about our service or customer cares, you can follow Beston on FB or Linkedin.

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In a word, if you have the plan to dispose of the municipal solid waste, just go into action and consider Beston MSW sorting plant. Finally, you will find all your cost on it will be worthy because you are doing the thing that complies a benign development of the human world.

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