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Beston offers high-quality garbage separation machine for sale across the world. With the fast development of worldwide urbanization, urban garbage has covered a large space in the landfills, especially in developing countries. Their economy develop fast. But at the same time, the garbage classification is not done that well. As a result, where there’s a large amount of urban garbage waiting for proper sorting and disposal. There should be a sorting machine because it is able to do a good job of garbage separation and improve their reusing values.

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Basic Specification and Parameters

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

Introduction to the Main Parts of Beston Garbage Separation System

It is a large module-design sorting system that consisting of different parts with respective functions. Under the premise of not affecting the normal function of the whole system, the customer can freely choose the following parts based on their budget, ingredients of garbage, space, labor, and subsequent reprocessing requirements, etc.,

  • Hopper
  • Plate feeder
  • Spreader (equipped at the end of the plate feeder to make sure the garbage can be conveyed to the next steps evenly)
  • Sealed conveyor
  • Bag breaker
  • Rotatory screening machine
  • Suspension type magnetic separator
  • Comprehensive winnowing machine
  • Hydraulic pressure packaging machine (used for packaging the plastic waste and metal waste)

Garbage Separation Machine Working Process

Recycling Methods of the Main Final Products

Types of Garbage Recycling Methods
Plastic 1. sell out to the plastic waste recycling companies after being packaged

2. reprocess it by a waste plastic to oil machine after being dried and shredded.

Organism 1. send to the composting plant to use as fertilizer

2. reprocess it by the bio-charcoal machine to produce biochar

Metal used as the raw material to produce steel and iron products, so you can sell it out to the relevant factories directly
Brickbats and stones using them to produce new bricks through brick making lines
Fabrics, cloth, branches and other combustible materials can be used to produce Rubbish Derivative Fuel or used in power plant to generate electricity
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Scientific Design of Beston Garbage Sorting Machine

Why You Need A Garbage Separation Machine

First Step of Recycling

If you want to do a better job of garbage separation, you need to adopt different recycling ways for different kinds of garbage. But at the most of time, urban garbage has multiple ingredients, so you must complete the first step, the garbage sorting, before recycling it.

Improve the Garbage Recycling Efficiency

1. Although there are a lot of regulations or laws about garbage classification and many facilities (such as classification garbage bins) in most urban areas, it is still a tough job to do a perfect garbage classification.

2. Without a high-efficiency rubbish segregation, the process of recycling will be dragged. Therefore, depending on a large and efficient machine to do the job instead of the weak awareness of garbage classification of the citizens will be a better choice.

Improve the Garbage Reusing Rate

After being separated, the garbage will be treated and recycled respectively in different ways. On the macro level, it will reduce the total amount and volume of the garbage, so as to reduce pollution; and microscopically, it can also improve the using rate of each kind of the garbage to maximize the using of the resource.

Garbage Processing Machine
Garbage Separation Machine

Why Beston Garbage Segregation Machine is Different

High Efficiency

This kind of garbage recycling machine is automatic and the largest capacity per day can reach 400 tons. The whole process is done by the machine itself after you turn on the start button. You only need to hire 2 to 3 persons to manage the manual sorting platform.

No Secondary Pollution

1. There will be no remaining after the waste segregation, so no secondary pollution will occur.

2. The noise of this machine is within a normal range, so it cannot cause noise pollution to the surrounding environment.

3. We use sealed conveyor and odor control system to make sure there’s no ash, dust and odor that may cause air pollution.

Scientific and Innovative Design

Beston pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, so the design for our garbage separation and processing machine is based on the most advanced and reasonable sorting techniques. Besides, we also add our own innovative ideas to the sorting line. For example, we have the unique sealed de-odorization system with the aromatic ester spray system to control the odor of the garbage and make sure a pleasant working condition for the workers.

Garbage Separation Machine for Sale
Sealed Conveyor
Garbage Recycling Plant
New Odor Control System

High-leveled Safety Leveled

1. Using automatic operation to avoid manual operating mistakes.

2. The whole processing is under monitoring from the PLC to ensure the running smoothly.

3. Special odor control system to protect the workers’ health.

4. All the devices have a manual and automatic switch and scramming device to make sure the safety of the operator and the waste management equipment.

5. Both sides of the belt conveyor have manual pull switches and all the belt conveyors have automatic skew detection and tensioning gears and scramming buttons.

Garbage Separation Machine
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Considerate Designs and Careful Selection of Materials

1. The whole process of running is smooth without any clogging.

2. Connections of different devices are reasonable without any leakage or blocking.

3. All the belt conveyor has dead band sweeper, head sweeper, roller sweeper, and tail tension device. They also have strong ability of wear-resisting, corrosion-resistance and acid and alkali resistance. The service life of it is about 2 years.

4. The scramming buttons are all in the easy to operate positions in order to avoid the operators turn it on by mistake or electric shock accident.

5. Entire garbage recycling sorter system is designed base on the convenience of using, maintenance and repairing of the customers.

6. The materials of all the devices for our separation machine is adaptable to a corrosion environment.

Garbage Recycling Machine
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Owing to the high quality and efficiency and our professional production experience, Beston garbage separation machine has got the attention of many waste recycling enterprises and companies from the globe. We appreciate the attention of the whole world and would like to undertake the mission of designing and producing more efficient garbage recycling plants. To learn more info, you can leave your message to us now.

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